1. What is your position and role at Gillette? Do you have a favorite story or memory? I am a MRI Technologist in the Imaging Department at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare.  I also work in CT occasionally.  In MRI, we work with a powerful magnet that helps get images of the body.  The MRI exams last from 7 minutes to a couple of hours, so some patients have to be sedated for their exams. One of my favorite memories actually happened recently.  There are some patients who I have been scanning in CT or MRI for more than 10 years.  It’s nice to be able to see them and talk with their families.  About a month ago one of the patients who I have known for 11 years came down for a CT scan.  After her exam was over, her mom told me that she still has one of the stuffed animals I gave her up on a shelf in her bedroom.  It’s those moments that make working at a Gillette so special. 

2. What are some of your hobbies outside of work? I love photography.  I always have my cameras with me.  I recently started golfing, but am still trying to catch up to my husband’s skills.  I also love playing volleyball.  I am one of the biggest MN Wild fans, the games are always on at our house or on the radio.  

3. Do you have any children or pets? I have a stepdaughter Autumn, who is 6 and a son, Dominic, who is 7 months old.  We have “outdoor pets” as Autumn likes to say.  Someday we will probably get a dog, but for now it’s just the bunnies, birds, and squirrels.

4. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? I would love to go to Iceland or Ireland.  I would love to photograph all the beautiful waterfalls, lagoons, and glaciers. It looks so beautiful there. But, if my husband has his way we will go to Ireland so he can golf. 

5. What is one fun fact about you? I married my third-grade boyfriend after not seeing each other for eight years!

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