1. What is your position and role at Gillette?  I’m an outpatient Occupational Therapist at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare’s Maple Grove clinic location.

2. Do you have a favorite Gillette story or memory?  This is a really hard question because I can truly say that I drive home just about every day thinking how much I love my job.  I love wearing my I Heart Gillette shirt out in the community and having strangers come up to me with their own Gillette stories.  Probably what I love the most is the CurePity concept and watching families discover all the things their child with a disability is really able to do with use of modifications or adapted techniques.

3. What are some of your hobbies outside of work?  I don’t know if kids are considered hobbies but that is where most of my time outside work is lovingly spent- libraries, parks, pools, etc.  If I had some free time for myself I would probably fill it with organizing or scrapbooking.

4. Do you have any children or pets?  I have three girls; Alexia:  five-years-old, Amelia: three-years-old and Cora: 15 months.  I have two crazy labs that just won’t let age slow them down; Sydney who’s eight-years-old and Haley, seven- years-old.

5. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?  I lived in Australia for six months so I would LOVE to go back and visit with my friends there; however, it is a goal of my husband and mine to get to Europe someday. 

6. What is one fun fact about you?  I used to be Ms. Congeniality for my hometown of Rockford, Minnesota.  I got to travel to all the local towns and be in parades.  It was a really fun way to spend one of my last summers with my mom and friends before I became a “grown up”.

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