1. What is your position and role at Gillette? I am one of two payroll specialist at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare. My main role is to make sure all employees are paid accurately and on time each pay period. I have been working at Gillette for 40 years. 

2. Do you have a favorite story or memory? I have many memories! One that stands out is when my office was moved across the street from the St. Paul hospital to the administrative offices. At that time, these two buildings were completely separate. I asked my supervisor if we could build a skyway to connect the two.  He chuckled and said, “when pigs fly.”  Years later, in 2011, the skyway was built! Every time I walk across it I have visions of pigs.

3. What are some of your hobbies outside of work? My husband and I love weekend road trips.  The ones that are the most fun are the unplanned ones. We will pick a direction and just drive. We have run into fun festivals, unusual restaurants, and interesting people.

4. Do you have any children or pets? I have two children, Kristin and Jonathan. I love dogs but don’t have any of my own. My daughter has a dog named Stella. I call it my grand-dog. I can have her over anytime I want, and send her home whenever I want. Just like grand kids.   

5. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? My goal, after I retire, is to visit every state in the US. 

6. What is one fun fact about you? Even though I am pretty conservative, I can’t refuse a dare. I have skydived and participated in a polar plunge on a dare.

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