1.) What is your position and role at Gillette? I am a pediatrician specializing in pediatric pain, palliative care and complementary medicine.

Meet Us Monday – Todd Dalberg, M.D. Gillette Children's2.) Can you tell us a little about your education/career history? I received my undergraduate degrees from Minnesota State University, Mankato followed by medical school at the University of New England, College of Osteopathic Medicine.  From there I completed my residency training in pediatrics at the University of Connecticut.  I pursued a fellowship in pediatric hematology and oncology at Oregon Health & Science University and spent an additional research year through an institutional grant where I completed a masters in clinical research.  Lastly, I completed a fellowship in pediatric hospice and palliative medicine at Akron Children’s Hospital before joining the wonderful group at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare.

3.) Do you have a favorite Gillette story or memory? I was recently paged to pay a social visit to a young boy I had met on the inpt service, and when he spotted me, he took a running leap and delivered a monster hug!  It’s moments like that effectively “carry” me through the challenges we as providers face. 

4.) What are some of your hobbies outside of work? I love the outdoors, so in the winter I enjoy XC skiing, ice skating, and indoor climbing/bouldering and when it comes to warmer months I enjoy cycling, road and mountain, as well as camping, standup paddle boarding, or a simple game of bocce ball. 

5.) Do you have any children or pets? No children, but I do have two cats, Bocce and Rabbi, who behave more like dogs than they do cats (they’ve traveled some 10k miles by car, have gone camping, and will eat anything in site). 

6.) If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? I would love to travel to Tibet, Mt Everest base camp (no need to risk death at 29k ft), then Bali. 

7.) What is one fun fact about you? My cousin, who’s a Marine, was a pallbearer for Ronald Regan and was the one who handed Nancy Regan the flag that draped his coffin.  Not really a fact about me, but I do like that story.

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