Melanie Hendrickson, and her son Lincoln, and husband

How would you describe Lincoln to someone who hasn't met him? Lincoln is a sweet little boy. He smiles all the time and is a very happy. He loves to laugh, really hard, and his laugh is contagious! He is also very determined. He works hard despite his challenges. Lincoln has a look in his eye that melts your heart. He is a gift that teaches others how to love.

What are Lincoln's favorite thing(s) to do? Read books, listen to music (mostly country!) swim, knock things over, play with other kids, and go for walks outside.

What is Lincoln’s medical condition? Lincoln has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, epilepsy, cortical vision impairment, global developmental delays and hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, or HIE (an injury to his brain caused by lack of oxygen at birth). 

How did your family come to find out about Gillette? Several Gillette neurologists, one of which included Dr. Timothy Feyma, visited Lincoln in the NICU after his birth to evaluate his MRI, CT scans and EEGs. That is when we were given Lincoln’s “news” which was the start of our journey. After his discharge from the NICU, Lincoln has been followed closely by his Gillette care team of doctors, seating specialists, and therapists.

What treatments and services has Lincoln received at Gillette? Lincoln has visited Gillette for a variety of services, including neurodiagnostics, neurology and rehabilitation medicine appointments, hip X-Rays, rehabilitation therapies including physical, occupational and speech therapy, assistive technology, and injections of botulinum toxin (Botox) and Pheno to address his spasticity (overly tight muscles). He also spent a few days in the hospital after developing infantile spasms (seizures) and received treatments of Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) injections.Lincoln enjoying the outdoors

What has your experience at Gillette been like for Lincoln and your family? Words cannot express how grateful we are to all Gillette staff.  The doctors, therapists, nurses, EEG technicians, and receptionists have helped Lincoln tremendously. They have shared with us news that a parent dreads; news that broke our hearts. They have also lifted us up during those tough times and given us hope. Lincoln always receives top notch care at Gillette! We have complete trust in all of his doctors and they continue to help Lincoln reach his full potential.

Does your child have a favorite doctor, nurse, therapist or other caregiver? Lincoln has many favorites!  Some include Dr. Beverly Wical (pediatric neurologist), Stephanie (physical therapist), Jennifer (speech therapist), Kathy (occupational therapist), Bill (orthotist), Brian (seating and adaptive equipment),  and Tina (EEG technician). They are ALL FABULOUS! TRUE ANGELS!

What about your child makes you most proud? Lincoln is a little warrior. He works very hard and will not give up despite all of his challenges.  He is happy and teaches those around him what is truly important in life.

Note: Sadly, Lincoln passed away in August 2014.

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