In celebration of Occupational Therapy Month this April, our weekly recipe submission is crackered chicken from Jenny. Jenny said that her daughter Lindsey, at the age of 9, wrote this recipe. 

Crackered Chicken

Recipe by Lindsey



1 pkg skinless chicken breasts

1 egg

1 Tsp. water

1 sleeve of Ritz Townhouse crackers

EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)



1. Trim any fat from the chicken breasts and cut them in half. Crack the egg and scramble it up in a wide bowl with about a teaspoon of water.

2. Put a bit of olive oil in a frying pan and turn the heat on medium to medium high. While the pan is preheating, do the following steps. Make sure a parent is with you to watch the oil! You don’t want it to get too hot while you are smashing crackers.

3. Put the Ritz crackers between two sheets of parchment or wax paper. Use a rolling pin to smash the crackers down into tiny pieces. Have fun! Use a rubber hammer if you want. Then put the cracker pieces onto a cutting board.

4. Dredge the chicken in the egg mixture first, then roll it in the crackers. Once the chicken is coated with cracker pieces, put it into the hot oil. Turn the chicken frequently until it is brown on all sides.

5. If the pieces are rather large, you may need to bake it a bit in an oven to ensure it’s cooked all the way through. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and put chicken in a covered dish and bake for about 20 minutes or until juices run clear.

6. Serve with sautéed green beans and a baked potato.

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