This past Sunday, the New York Times Book Review released its list of Notable Children’s Books of 2015. The list details the year’s best reads for small children, school-aged kids, and young adults. Here at Gillette, it got us thinking: what are the can’t-miss books for children, teens and adults who have disabilities? Just in time for holiday gift-giving, here’s a list of our favorites.

For Kids:

‘Zoom!’:  In this rollicking adventure, young speedster Lauretta puts her brand-new, 92-speed wheelchair to the ultimate test—and saves her brother!

‘The Lion in The Room’: Every kid has a lion in the room alarm—but sometimes, at doctor’s appointments, it goes off by mistake.  This picture book, published by Gillette, helps children cope with anxiety about seeing the doctor.  Note:  Free copies are available in Gillette’s St. Paul waiting room—just ask! Can't-miss books for children, adults and teens who have disabilities

‘Just Because’:  A younger brother describes the fun he has with his sister.  Only later do readers learn his sister, Clemmie, has special needs.

‘It’s Okay to Ask!’:  Written and published by Gillette, "It's Okay to Ask!" introduces young readers to Maya, Ahmed and other kids who have disabilities.  As they kindly answer questions about their adaptive devices, young readers discover that people of all abilities can be friends.  

For Teens:

Lucky Lou Gets Game’:  Lou, a teenager who has cerebral palsy, meets her fears head-on when she tackles an unfriendly neighborhood and learns to play baseball one memorable summer.  

 ‘The Story of My Life – An Afghan Girl on the Other Side of the Sky’:  This New York Times bestseller tells the inspirational story of Farah Ahmedi, who lost her leg in a landmine explosion at age 7, and her journey to the U.S.

 ‘My Last Step Backward’: At 16, Tasha became paralyzed when she fell through a stage’s trap door while preparing for an opening night performance.  This is her story from loss and grief to self-discovery and achievement.  

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