“We focus on restoring children and families to health. Maybe it’s a new state of health or a new normal. We want them to experience family life, childhood and the everyday things children deserve to be doing.” 

– Karen Brill, vice president of patient care at Gillette 

The age of inpatient rehabilitation patients at Gillette ranges from 0 to 19.In early November the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) renewed our hospital’s accreditation for pediatric inpatient rehabilitation. The renewal is especially meaningful for the children we serve because, for the first time, CARF granted an additional accreditation to our pediatric brain injury specialty program. It makes Gillette one of only eight hospitals in the country with these designations.

A “Gold Standard” Hospital  
CARF, an internationally recognized accreditor, surveys hospitals like Gillette every three years. Earlier this fall, CARF surveyors interviewed staff, patients and their families; observed our practices; and reviewed our quality and safety data. They complimented our patient-first culture, our teamwork and our forward-thinking leadership. One surveyor called Gillette the “gold standard” for quality.

It means one thing: Patients can access the resources and skilled care providers to help maximize their independence in the face of medical challenges.  As a result of our integrated team approach and collaboration with community providers, 98 percent of rehabilitation patients return to their communities.

Rehabilitation Leads to Major Gains 
Karen Brill, vice president of patient care, adds that feedback from families validates CARF’s accreditations. “Families tell us how they consider Gillette their home away from home and how their child made gains they never thought possible. We’re proud to share those comments with CARF.” Rehabilitation patients by diagnosis at Gillette children's specialty healthcare

As one of the largest pediatric rehabilitation programs for children and teens in the Upper Midwest, Gillette draws patients from throughout the U.S. who need comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation following brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, serious illnesses, and recovery from complex surgeries.    

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