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Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare offers a main campus in St. Paul, outpatient clinics throughout the Twin Cities, and clinic and outreach sites throughout Greater Minnesota. Our goal is to provide convenient access to Gillette specialty services for children and families who need them.

Twin Cities Hospital and Clinic Locations

Greater Minnesota Gillette Clinics

Other Greater Minnesota Locations

Several other Gillette locations serve children and adults who have disabilities and live in greater Minnesota. We provide specialty medical and orthotics, prosthetics and seating services to communities throughout the state, saving patients and their families the time and expense of traveling to the Twin Cities for health care.

We combine medical and technical expertise with state-of-the-art equipment to provide a wide range of services to our patients. Our team includes specialty physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses as well as orthotists, seating specialists, rehabilitation engineers and other orthotics, prosthetics and seating practitioners.