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A Bold Vision, A Bright Future: 125 Years of Gillette Children’s

At Gillette Children’s, we are leaders. Since our founding 125 years ago, we have innovated – pushing forward clinical care and research to improve our patients’ lives. We are a global beacon; serving children and adolescents with brain, bone and movement conditions from across the world and helping them achieve their goals and dreams. As we mark this milestone in our history, we remain undeterred in our pursuit of the brightest possible future for every child in our care.  

At Gillette, we are not afraid of the unknown. Where others see limitations, we see uncharted territory, waiting to be explored. In our 125th year, we’re proud to continue that groundbreaking work through the formation of the Cerebral Palsy Institute. Through the Cerebral Palsy Institute, we harness generations of research data and clinical expertise to better understand, diagnose and predict the progression of cerebral palsy. The research done through the institute will be at the forefront of scientific discovery, positively impacting not only our patients but also countless children across the globe. 

The Cerebral Palsy Institute is only a part of our strategic vision. Paving the way to continued growth are strategic investments in technology and infrastructure. Our recently opened Gateway Plaza facility creates capacity for expansion of clinical space through the relocation of offices. Through increased and enhanced virtual care options – including virtual rehabilitation – we’ve expanded our reach and broadened access to Gillette’s unique expertise.  

Over the last 125 years, the talented teams at Gillette have worked to unlock medical mysteries and advance clinical care for brain, bone and movement conditions. Our innovation has led to pioneering surgical procedures, creating new medical devices, clinical trials of new therapeutics, integrating technologies like virtual reality into our care model, and developing new ways to guide clinician and family decisions.  

In our unwavering pursuit of the best possible outcomes for our patients, our work goes beyond the treatment of conditions – we care for the whole child. Advocacy is a central tenet of our mission. We partner with families, community organizations and policymakers to address health disparities, to move the needle on funding research for understudied pediatric conditions and to create a more equitable and accessible communities.  

Fueled by the curiosity, compassion, and dedication of our teams, we have stayed the course for 125 years, focused on some of the toughest challenges in pediatric healthcare. Our founders envisioned a future in which children’s lives are defined by their dreams, not their diagnoses. Every day at Gillette, we work side-by-side to create that world for the patients we serve.  

As we look to the future, we do so with gratitude – for the enduring legacy and lasting impact of the work done by those who came before us, for the tenacity and ingenuity of our teams today, for the generous support of our community, and for the promise and possibility in all that lies ahead.  

Barbara Joers
President and CEO
Gillette Children’s

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