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An Impressive Award and Long History for Gillette Orthopedic Care

The orthopedic department at Gillette Children's is the first pediatric health care organization in Minnesota and several surrounding states to be recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

This achievement, awarded in February 2019, highlights Gillette’s commitment to integrated care and its focus on providing the highest quality of care for our patients and families.

Superior orthopedic care is part of Gillette’s long history. Founder, Arthur Gillette, MD, was one of the first pediatric orthopedic surgeons in America and by 1890 he was Minnesota’s first full-time orthopedist and an instructor at the University of Minnesota.

Today, the orthopedics team at Gillette is composed of experts who’ve chosen to specialize in the unique needs of children, teens and adults who have highly complex conditions. Gillette has one of the highest concentrations of pediatric orthopedic surgeons in the nation. These doctors work with other Gillette specialists to tailor a custom treatment plan to prevent and correct problems with bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Gillette Vice President for Patient Care, Karen Brill, says achieving this NCQA designation has been a strategic priority and helps to better align the future of where health care is leading. “It ensures our patients and families have the expertise they need to advance their care,” Brill says.

Pediatric orthopedic surgeon, Stephen Sundberg, MD, is the associate medical director of the orthopedics section at Gillette.  He’s pleased to received recognition from NCQA. “What this award really means for Gillette is that we’re valued as a highly reliable organization and we’re providing expert care for our patients,” Sundberg says.

“The orthopedic team at Gillette works together to provide care at the highest level,” Sundberg adds. “It’s a privilege to work with these patients and families.”