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Epilepsy Diagnosis, Treatment and Support at Gillette

When a child is diagnosed with epilepsy, it is natural for a flood of emotions to surface. 

Families may worry if epilepsy will change their child’s relationships and activities. They may also wonder how epilepsy will affect their child’s brain function and their ability to learn, concentrate and memorize. If your child has been diagnosed with epilepsy, don't panic. 

At Gillette Children’s, we use many methods to evaluate children who have seizures. Once we have those answers, we can develop the right treatment plan.

If your child is diagnosed with epilepsy, Gillette can help by offering a variety of seizure treatment options. We'll work with you to figure out which one makes the most sense based on your child's medical history and a particular type of seizure. 

Our animated infographic above provides more information. We hope you find it helpful. 

First Steps After an Epilepsy Diagnosis