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Cerebral Palsy

Facebook LIVE with Mark Gormley, MD: Early CP Intervention

Gillette pediatric rehabilitation medicine specialist Mark Gormley, MD, helped mark National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month by talking about the importance of getting an early diagnosis of CP and describing the resources available for families at Gillette Children's.

Gillette is one of the top cerebral palsy centers in the world. We’re an international leader in pediatric orthopedics and a leader in neurology, neurosurgery and rehabilitation therapy. We offer comprehensive testing, treatments and services for children, teens and adults.

Gormley has been at Gillette since 1993 and has seen changes and improvement in treatment plans for patients who have cerebral palsy.

He spoke to Gillette content specialist Greta Cunningham about the joy he feels as he watches his patients reach milestones. The discussion was broadcast via Facebook LIVE. Watch the interview above.