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Music Therapy Demonstration

At Gillette Children's, board-certified music therapists use music to provide support and distraction during medical procedures, help your child cope with a hospital stay, and encourage the growth of physical, thinking and learning abilities. Kids of all ages can benefit from music therapy—it’s a fun and relaxing therapy that doesn’t require any previous musical experience and can help your child to cope with stress, anxiety and grief

Music therapy is often part of an integrative care plan, which combines conventional medicine with complementary therapies, and might include:

  • Singing
  • Listening to live or recorded music.
  • Moving to music
  • Playing instruments
  • Playing musical games
  • Singing
  • Writing songs

Watch our Facebook LIVE above with Beth Engelking, Heath Marvel and Coral Karsky, music therapists at Gillette Children's. They talk about their roles in music therapy and demonstrate the use of different instruments.