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Get Ready for Inclusive Play!

Father pushes his son on a swing designed for children with disabilities.

Inclusive playgrounds have equipment that may play accessible to all.

Play is an important part of a child’s development. Social skills are strengthened, bodies are active in new ways, and friendships are made. Play is universal and is something every child experiences to some degree.

July is Disability Pride Month and is a time to help families connect in a grassroots way to highlight the importance of play for all children. Gillette Children’s is launching an Inclusive Day of Play event on Saturday, July 27, 2024, to build community and bring attention to the need for inclusive spaces.

“Everyone should be physically active,” says Gillette Children’s supervisor of therapeutic recreation and music therapy, Tammy Larson. “It’s good for your heart, bones, and health. I say it’s like brushing your teeth—if you don’t do it, you’ll lose a tooth. If you don’t exercise, you lose fitness.”

Check out our resources to help you host a playdate in your own neighborhood. We also have a map of inclusive playgrounds that often include wheelchair accessible swings, inclusive equipment, and safety features. 

Being thoughtful about inclusive play can make a successful day of fun for all! The Gillette team of Therapeutic Recreation and Child Life experts share their thoughts on why play is so important for all children.

  • Play is the language of children!
  • Play is universal; it is something every child experiences.
  • Play can help develop skills and goals related to cognition, physical and social skills.
  • Play presents the opportunity to try new things and allows for personal growth.
  • Play helps children learn about the world around them.
  • Play helps reduce stress and offers children the opportunity to master skills and tasks.

Gillette’s Inclusive Day of Play event is one way we’re working to ensure no child is left on the sidelines and everyone can write their own life story. We look forward to seeing you on the playground!

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