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Gillette Celebrates Employee Recognition Week

Each year, Gillette Children's celebrates our staff during Employee Recognition Week. Hopefully, we appreciate one another all the time, but the week is held as a helpful reminder of the fact that every single member of our team makes our work to provide exemplary medical care for our patients and their families, possible. 

The festivities were a little different this year, but the sentiment of gratitude was the same.

Hear from Gillette's leadership team on why they're thankful, below:

Kit Brady, Vice President - Human Resources and Environment of Care:

"Obviously, our employee recognition event won’t be happening like it normally would this year. Like many things right now, we’ll have to do things a bit differently."

Dennis Jolley, Vice President – Institutional Advancement: 

"One thing that will not change is our commitment to recognizing the tremendous work done by each of you to promote our mission and serve our patients and families inside and outside our hospital and clinic walls, each and every day."

Paula Montgomery, Vice President – Legal Affairs:

"This is particularly important now given the challenges that COVID-19 has presented for all of us. We know that this time hasn’t been easy for any of you and that beginning any conversation without acknowledging that, would be insincere."

Tim Getsay, Vice President – Performance Management:

"We want you to know just how much we appreciate your continued, unwavering and compassionate commitment to caring for our patients and their families during this time."

Patrick Nolan, Vice President – Finance and Revenue:

"Your individual passion for service has always made Gillette a safe haven. Even now during a global pandemic, many of our families have expressed how nice it is to be at Gillette in-person or to see their providers in virtual appointments."

Karen Brill, Vice President – Patient Care:
"Gillette was always a special place. Before it was a physical location it was a dream, an aspiration so that individuals who have complex conditions and any other special challenges could find the care that they needed to not only reach but realize their potential."

Micah Niermann, Vice President – Clinical Affairs and Medical Director:

"Gillette is known for exceptional outcomes, engaging patients and families and ensuring the best possible results for everyone who seeks our clinical care. This is all made possible because of your unmatched expertise, resolve and boundless enthusiasm for helping others."

Barbara Joers, President and CEO:

"A clear purpose and talented team is important for any organization and at Gillette, that’s not something we worry about. We know that we have exceptional team members, each prepared to redefine what is possible in all that we do so that every child can realize their full potential. Every day, every interaction, you each bring your best to serve others. I’m enormously grateful for your shared commitment to patients and to your collaboration with each other.

You have made this year memorable for good reasons. You have demonstrated incredible courage and professionalism continuing Gillette’s work in new ways. Together, let’s continue to celebrate each other every day, but especially during this week dedicated to recognizing employees, to recognizing you.

Thank you,"

Employee Recognition Week - 2020

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