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Cerebral Palsy

Gillette Relaunches Ability-Themed Emoji App

To celebrate National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, Gillette is relaunching an updated version of its ability-themed emoji keyboard called Emojability. The keyboard has new emojis, sticker features and an updated user interface. The downloadable mobile app gives users access to images and phrases, related to individuals who have special needs, which can be sent as text messages and via popular messaging apps.

Emojability gives families, patients, caregivers and advocates in the disabilities community the opportunity to communicate, support one another and feel empowered to celebrate the goals and successes they’ve achieved. From adaptive equipment and therapy emojis to words of encouragement, Emojability brings to life symbols and phrases that don’t exist on other emoji keyboards. The free keyboard is available for download on both Apple and Android platforms.

The updated version of Emojabilty features new emojis including an augmentative communication device, pool therapy, adaptive basketball and a prone cart. The improved keyboard includes an iMessage sticker pack for iPhone or iPad users, making it easier for people to use emojis within their messaging conversations. The new keyboard also allows users to compile multiple stickers into a single “phrase,” making it easier to communicate more complex messages.

Other features of Emojability include:

  • A moving walker and other mobility-related emojis and gifs.
  • Milestone markers and badges.
  • Inspirational emojis for when patients tackle particularly difficult challenges.
  • Physical- and occupational therapy-related emojis and gifs.

To learn more about emojis and gifs, visit the Gillette Emojability website. It features downloading instructions and a gallery of all of the emojis. Users can even submit ideas for new keyboard features and watch a how-to video about how the app works.