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Cerebral Palsy

Honoring Our Volunteers During National Volunteer Week

Lauren Fields showing off her fleece blanket.

April 10 marked the beginning of national volunteer week, and as we reflect on all of the work done by Gillette volunteers over the course of the past year, it becomes immediately apparent that our volunteers deserve a round of applause.

In 2015-16, 306 of the weekly regulars logged more than 12,000 hours over the course of their 4,000 visits to serve. Patients and staff agree the volunteers at Gillette are the best in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and quite possibly, the world.

Volunteer coordinator Nancy Thomas remarked, “We have wonderful volunteers who provide compassionate service and caring smiles. Each of our volunteers finds a way to brighten the lives of others at Gillette. They display a commitment to help our patients and families with a positive spirit.”

One patient also noted, “Gillette volunteers have the best arts and crafts, I may come early for my appointment so that my son can make something special to take home.”

Thomas adds, “We feel very fortunate to have volunteers who share the vision of Gillette…they help give us our momentum and the ability to do more for our families. We can aim higher and move our organization forward with their sense of purpose and drive.”

Nancy Thomas and Paula Cronquist

Top Left: Lauren Fields spent time at Gillette in October of 2015. She is pictured here holding a fleece tie blanket, which every inpatient receives thanks to Gillette volunteers. 

Bottom right: Nancy Thomas, volunteer coordinator (at left) and Paula Cronquist, manager of Guest Services (at right).