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How Our Cleaning Methods Keep You Safe

Graphic of staff members cleaning

Infectious diseases have caused problems for millions of years. That’s why it’s important to wash our hands and clean surfaces we touch—especially in a health care setting.

Gillette partnered with Ecolab to implement their Patient Room Program. The program incorporates best practices and the latest technology to ensure patient rooms are consistently cleaned and disinfected. The program also provides opportunities for staff members to see the immediate results and impact of the work they're doing as they do it. As a result of the program, Gillette's seen a 65% decrease in hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) over a three-year period.

Cleaner, Safer and HealthierCleaner, healthier and saferHere’s how the program works:

Mark- Auditor marks high-touch objects with a fluorescent gel. It’s like invisible ink that can be seen using ultraviolet light.

Clean- High-touch surfaces are wiped with microfiber cloths and a sporicidal disinfectant; floor is wiped with a microfiber mop and floor cleaner.

Check- Auditor shines UV light onto previously marked high-touch objects to measure thoroughness of cleaning.

Track- Cleaning information is sent to a digital dashboard, which reports overall cleanliness and shows which high-touch objects are missed.

Train- Educate and train staff in best practices for cleaning and disinfecting. Tracking data provides insights that lead to improved cleaning protocols.

A Five-Stage Process That Make Everything Safer for Patients and Families 

At Gillette, keeping our clinical spaces clean and sanitized is an essential part of the care that we provide. To learn more about how we ensure a clean and safe environment for patients, check out this article on our innovative cleaning program.

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