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Introducing the Spasticity Evaluation Team

Angela Sinner, Michael Partington and Jennifer Laine are physicians on Gillette's spasticity evaluation team.

Editor’s note:  Today we introduce you to one of Gillette’s spasticity evaluation teams—experts who collaborate to evaluate, and provide treatment recommendations for, children who have overly tight muscle tone called spasticity.

We are Jennifer Laine, M.D.; Michael Partington, M.D.; and Angela Sinner, D.O. We’re part of the spasticity evaluation team at Gillette Children’s.  Partington is a pediatric neurosurgeon, examining the brain, spinal cord and nervous system to determine the cause of spasticity.  Laine, a pediatric orthopedist, assesses how spasticity affects bones and muscles and the ability to control body movements.  Sinner specializes in pediatric rehabilitation medicine, inspecting how spasticity affects mobility and function in daily activities for patients.

Gillette is a national center for the treatment of cerebral palsy, bringing thousands of children with this diagnosis to our clinics from counties throughout Minnesota and locations throughout the U.S. and world. We look at children from our different perspectives, and collaborate as a team in our decision making and care for each child.  This Spasticity Evaluation Clinic utilizes data obtained from an evaluation in the James R. Gage Center for Gait and Motion Analysis.  Treatment options that we discuss with patients and families include surgeries, such as selective dorsal rhizotomy, intrathecal baclofen pump placement or orthopedic surgery.  We also discuss nonsurgical treatment options, including oral medications, injectable medications or modalities such as casting or orthotics. 

Our collaboration and expertise makes Gillette ideally equipped to provide best-in-class care that helps children who have cerebral palsy and other complex conditions maximize their health, happiness and well-being.  

This picture was taken at a recent Spasticity Evaluation Clinic. From left to right, Angela Sinner, D.O., unidentified former staff member, Michael Partington, M.D. and Jennifer Laine, M.D. discussing a young patient's case.