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Joe Mauer is More Than a Hometown Hero

For most people retiring Minnesota Twins first baseman, Joe Mauer, is a superstar player and a hometown hero. For Gillette Children's he's something more—he's family.

It's been a big week for Mauer. Just five days after announcing his retirement from baseball Joe and his wife Maddie welcomed their third child. Charles Joseph Mauer was born on Nov. 14 and joins his twin big sisters, Emily and Mauren, in the busy household.

Joe and Maddie Mauer are two of the strongest supporters of Gillette and its mission to help children facing complex medical conditions. Part of the couple's passion for helping kids stems from the fact that Maddie is a former nurse at Gillette.

A Million Thanks

For the past three years, Maddie and Joe Mauer have hosted the Mauer and Friends Kids Classic to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Gillette kids and their families to interact with star athletes on Target Field. The June event is also a significant fundraiser for Gillette and raised more than $1 million over the past three years.

Joe Mauer also played a key role this year as Gillette launched the new “Kids Day” event featuring special experiences for young baseball fans. Joe often met a Gillette patient ambassador at home plate as they scored the first ceremonial run of the game at Target Field. These moments gave the opportunity for Gillette kids to show an entire stadium of fans what they CAN do. These honorary runs were an emotional highlight of every Sunday Twins home game, and Joe’s interaction with our kids offered support and made great memories for our kids and their families.  

Always Giving Support

Joe and Maddie Mauer are also frequent visitors to Gillette and are always happy to cheer up a child or offer support to our families.

Gillette is proud and grateful for our special relationship with the Mauers. Our staff and supporters look forward to seeing the wonderful things Joe will do during his retirement from sports. He's certainly made his mark on the field and off it. Way to go Joe!