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Kids Health Heroes

“Anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me.”

  — Fred Rogers

Kids Health Heroes is an ongoing series that highlights a few of the incredible individuals and community partners who are stepping forward to keep Gillette strong and resilient throughout this public health emergency. We thank all of our donors for their generous support, and invite you to join them with your contribution today.

Gillette donor Michael Owens and his dog, Cooper.

Gillette donor Michael Owens and his dog, Cooper.

Inspired by Childhood Friendship

When we asked retired farmer Michael Owens why he decided to make his recent contribution to Gillette, his answer brought him back four decades into the past. As a teen, he had a friend with a spinal condition. Owens recalls being moved by the experience of visiting him at Gillette: “I was just in awe of the hospital.  He was there quite a while and got fixed up fine and he was very happy with the outcome too. What impressed me, was how great all the people working there were and the patients were happy, with some of the most serious problems you could imagine. I will never forget that, you feel humble when you leave the hospital.”

Photo of a donated mask.

One of the many masks donated by local businesses. 

Local Companies Protect Gillette Providers

Like every healthcare organization, Gillette is affected by the growing demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks and respirators that help keep our staff and patients safe. Several companies, including Northern Tool and McGough, have stepped forward to donate vitally needed N95 respirators. Their generosity will help us continue to provide essential care safely. N95 mask donations are still needed, and we recently began accepting cloth masks to provide to patients and families.  

Photo of Gillette staff enjoying donated pizza.

Local restaurants have come forward to support Gillette with donated meals for patients, families and staff. 

Sharing Meals, Sharing Hope

The mandated closure of Gillette’s hospital residence has had an impact on our families, who rely on it for food and lodging. Luckily, the local restaurant and catering community has helped us continue to offer meals to our families. Morrissey Hospitality Company has been providing dinner to inpatient families daily since March 23, and numerous local restaurants have also stepped in to provide donated meals for our patients and staff. Whatever cannot be covered by these donations is provided by our Family Financial Assistance program, which is 100% supported by your contributions. Thanks to the power of community, we can share a meal together—even while we’re safely apart.


Gillette is deeply grateful for the outpouring of support we’ve received in response to the unprecedented needs of these times. Learn more about how we can all stay connected as a community or contact our foundation team for more ways to help.