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Let’s Chat About Spina Bifida

October is Spina Bifida Awareness Month as well as National Bullying Prevention Month. Most people have experienced some form of bullying during their lives, but unfortunately, many children who have disabilities experience this much more acutely.

Earlier this week we shared the story of Chloe and Gracie, two Gillette patients who were brought together by spina bifida and their profound friendship.

Chloe and Gracie sat down earlier this year to talk about the care they received at Gillette and how it affected their lives for the better. They also touched on the bullying they dealt with at school along the way.

On the last point their message is, “While it’s happening it definitely sucks, but it gets better.”

Watch their conversation, here.

Gillette Children's is a national and regional leader in the diagnosis, care and treatment of spina bifida. For more information about the condition and the treatment provided at Gillette, please visit our website.