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Meet Laurie Black, Gillette’s New Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Greater Minnesota

Take a moment to learn about Laurie Black, APRN, PNP. She joined Gillette this month to serve patients in greater Minnesota as part of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation team. Laurie is a board certified pediatric nurse practitioner, and completed her graduate studies in Florida. We are excited to welcome her to the Gillette community!

What brought you to Gillette?

As a greater Minnesota provider, I value the opportunity to provide quality care in my own community. Being part of the Gillette care team allows me to work closely and collaboratively with patients and families to maximize function in all aspects of their lives; physical, emotional and social. The fact that Gillette provides the virtual and on-site resources for me to be able to do this close to families' homes is incredibly important to me.

What do you love most about your role?

Being a certified nurse practitioner in rehabilitation medicine combines my passion for working with kids with the challenges of being a detective, problem solver and care manager based on the needs of each patient family. I have always loved being solely a pediatric provider and have had several roles within pediatric practice ranging from primary care to pediatric hospital medicine team member.

What is your approach to meeting a new patient family?

I strive to be a good listener without immediately listening through the filter of what I think should be done. I also try to establish rapport with the patient and family. Building trust is foundational in patient and family care so I do my best to bring the clinical perspective and information while respecting their cultural, spiritual and decision-making agency.

What does success mean to you for your practice?

Success to me means carefully listening to patients and families and working collaboratively to address challenges. If I have somehow helped make their lives easier, even in a small way, those are the moments that define success and make my job very satisfying.

Outside of work, how do you like to spend your time?

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband, two grown boys and a middle school aged daughter. My interests and hobbies include cooking, reading, listening to classical music, boating or walking by the many beautiful lakes in our community, and leading my daughter's Girl Scout Troop.

What is an interesting fact about you?

I have a long history of rescuing dogs from the side of the road. Although I wish I could keep them all, I have been limited to the three adorable rescues we currently have!

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