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How to Style Your Outfits with A Scoliosis Brace

Scoliosis braces

June is scoliosis month. At Gillette Children’s, we are taking a deeper dive into understanding the importance of proper treatment. Scoliosis is more common than one might think. Roughly 3 million people currently have this diagnosis. Females between the ages of 10-16 are among the most common. 

Although there is no known way of preventing scoliosis, it is usually not life-threatening and most children are able to participate in daily activities. Treatment can help the condition from getting worse. At Gillette Children’s we offer tailored strategies to help your child improve. 

Back Braces Offer Support And Comfort

One of the most popular treatments Gillette offers is a back brace. One of our orthopedic spine specialists will evaluate and fit your child for their custom piece. It is important to know that not every child needs a brace; however, for children whose spinal curve is more than 25 degrees, they are used in hopes of avoiding surgery in the future. 

Statistics tell us that most scoliosis patients have a harder time accepting their bodies. It can also be difficult to find clothes that properly fit while wearing a brace. At Gillette Children’s, we are doing everything we can to help kids gain confidence. 

The best part about our orthopedic specialists and the spinal braces created is the fact that they are completely customary. From molding the brace to fit the spine to custom patterns, we want kids to be able to incorporate it into their daily outfits as much as possible. We encourage children to find designs they like, mix colors and assist our team in making a brace that gives them the confidence to wear it with pride.  

At Gillette Children’s, we want those early stages of adolescence to be a time where your child is their most authentic self. Each child should have the freedom to implement their own personal fashion style. We understand the importance of self-confidence and being comfortable in your own body. We want your child to embrace their curve, even though we know it may be hard to do at first. Luckily, each kid has a team of supporters right behind them here at Gillette. 

A provider talks with a scoliosis patient.

Don't Be Afraid To Have Fun With Fashion

We encourage children to decorate the brace on their own, as well. We also can provide resources that will help kids and teens feel more comfortable when out shopping.  

Our providers advocate for comfortable clothing that can still be very chic. Cute leggings and flowy dresses still compliment the body but hide the brace. Layering is a fantastic way of hiding the outline of the spine brace or uneven joints. Any type of jacket such as leather, denim or cardigans are always in trend and add extra coverage.

Understanding symmetry really changes how an outfit looks and how people see the outfits. Look for asymmetrical clothing that can draw away the attention of uneven shoulders or hips. Accessorizing can also help, wearing a large bag or scarves. It is all about your child knowing or in the process of learning their style first and working around the spinal brace and scoliosis.