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Support Making July National Disability Pride Month

Disability Pride Month celebrates disability and diversity among disabilities.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed on July 26, 1990, to prohibit discrimination against people living with a disability. Following the passage of this historic legislation, the city of Boston held the first Disability Pride Day.  

Since the ADA's passage, communities across our country have commemorated it by celebrating Disability Pride Month in July. However, Disability Pride Month is not officially recognized on the federal level, even though more than 61 million Americans identify as having a disability.  

Disability Pride Month celebrates disability and diversity among disabilities. It provides opportunities for participation and education, spreads awareness of disability justice, inclusion, intersectionality, and accessibility and helps confront ableism and systemic discrimination. Recognition of Disability Pride Month is an important step towards achieving these goals. 

“It’s so important to push Disability Pride right now because we want the next generation of people with disabilities to grow up and be proud of who they are,” said Nikki Villavicencio, the chair of the Minnesota Council on Disability and a longtime Gillette Children’s patient.   

You can help by signing a petition in support of the month. This petition will be shared with congressional members as we ask Congress to officially designate July as National Disability Pride Month.   

In addition to signing the petition, we encourage you to contact your members of Congress to let them know you support this legislation. Find your congressional members here.  

Disability Pride Month Resolution  

Expressing support for the designation of the month of July as "Disability Pride Month".  

Whereas, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 61,000,000 American adults have disabilities;  

Whereas the United States Census Bureau reports that over 3,000,000 children have disabilities;  

Whereas the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 was signed into law on July 26, 1990;  

Whereas people with a disability remain at an increased risk of experiencing discrimination, isolation, and inequities;  

Whereas people with disabilities are vital, and make meaningful contributions in the Nation's arts, science, healthcare, technology, sports, education, law, and many more sectors; and   

Whereas "Disability Pride Month" is celebrated in July by people across the country. 

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