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Innovation and Research

Together, We CAN Support Research at Gillette

Dr. Jennifer Laine

Jennifer Laine, MD. Associate medical director of research and clinical outcomes at Gillette Children's.

Our providers at Gillette Children's conduct collaborative research with other specialty centers around the world, and we are a world leader in moving things forward. 

"Medical research in our patient population has been critically underfunded historically, so the impact of donor support in the work we're doing could be transformative," says Jennifer Laine, MD, Gillette's associate medical director of research and clinical outcomes. "When you combine our world-class clinical care in these areas with the volume of patients we see and our expertise in clinical research, you don't have to squint to see that we're uniquely positioned to lead long-term, outcomes-focused research. We have the opportunity to continue to have a global impact on the understanding and care of children who have these complex conditions."

There's a new level of excitement and commitment to conducting research at Gillette that could change and improve the lives of countless numbers of children everywhere, and donor support is pivotal in leading the charge. 

"Research at Gillette is largely funded by generous gifts from our donors," says Joyce Trost, director of research at Gillette. "We have the experts and we have the ideas. Donor support is essential in helping us get these ideas off the ground."

Fundraising Fuels Our Research Advancements

Research at GilletteOur research drives innovation that helps us provide the best care possible at the bedside for our patients.

Our work is complicated, but why we do it isn't. We believe the children we treat deserve to have the newest and best evidence-based treatments currently available. We have the world's leading experts in treating children who have disabilities, and generous gifts from our donors can unlock the full level of their collective knowledge and move our research forward. 

Dr. Laine, says, "Nearly every member of our medical staff is currently involved in clinical research studies, many of which have been published in internationally respected medical journals. We are presenting these findings at the podium in medical conferences and at instructional courses. Much of the clinical care we provide at Gillette is interdisciplinary and collaborative, and our approach to research parallels this."

Olivia Curtis

“Our research aims to provide tangible, potentially life-changing treatments for our patients, and donor funds are what make our work possible.”
–Jennifer Laine, MD

Now more than ever, generous gifts from our donors have the capacity to change the lives of our children and their families. To donate or for additional information on how you can get involved, please visit:

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