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Virtual Demonstration: Gillette Prone Cart

After children who have cerebral palsy undergo rhizotomy surgery, they begin six weeks of inpatient rehabilitation therapy. They first spend several weeks using something called a prone cart during the time they’re not in therapy sessions. Lying flat on the stomach (also called a “prone” position) can contribute to good surgical outcomes. Children transition to a stander or wheelchair once they’ve built up strength, but continue to use the prone cart regularly.

The prone cart used at Gillette has extra benefits. The device, which just received a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, was designed by a team of Gillette rehabilitation therapists who envisioned—then created—a prone cart just for kids. With expandable length, an adjustable handle and other built-in features, the new carts make exploring the hospital or wheeling to therapies a breeze. 

Learn more about the Gillette Prone Cart and see a video demonstration in Facebook Live virtual tour above.

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