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inpatient room at gillette children's specialty healthcare

What Are Hospital Units?

If your child needs to stay in the hospital for care, units at Gillette Children’s provide close monitoring and expert nursing care. Each hospital unit is designed to meet the specific needs of kids and adults who have disabilities, complex conditions and injuries.

Pediatric Intensive Care

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) serves children and teens under 16 who are critically injured, seriously ill, or recovering from major surgery.

Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation

The Rehabilitation Unit cares for children and teens who have complex injuries or significant disabilities or who are recovering from major surgery.

Neurosciences Inpatient Care

The Neurosciences Unit cares for children and teens who have complex conditions and injuries that affect the neurological system, which can include:

Tests and treatments available in the Neurosciences Unit can include:

Orthopedics and Surgical Inpatient Care

The Orthopedics/Surgical Unit cares for children and teens who are recovering from a variety of surgical procedures, which can include:

Adult Inpatient Unit

The Adult Inpatient Unit serves adults age 18 through age 40 who have complex conditions. The Adult Inpatient Unit provides care for patients with a childhood onset disability and a medical or surgical condition related to that disability for which Gillette has demonstrated expertise.


Where Are the Hospital Units?

The fourth floor is home to inpatient units for children. Here’s a map of the pediatric hospital departments:

For the adult unit, take the central elevators to the seventh floor.


Accessing Hospital Units

To enter a hospital unit at any time, you must go through a set of locked doors. On the fourth floor, one set of doors leads into the Rehabilitation Unit. Another set leads into the PICU. A third set leads to the Neurosciences and Orthopedics/Surgical units. On the seventh floor, a set of locked doors leads to the Adult Unit.

Immediate Family: Badge Access

When your family member is admitted to our hospital, we provide two badges for immediate family members. Passing a badge past a card reader unlocks the doors leading to your child’s hospital unit.

Others: Visitor Passes

Other family members and visitors must check in at the fourth-floor Guest Services desk before entering a hospital unit. At the desk, staff print a visitor pass, which includes a photo of the visitor. The visitor must wear the pass while at Gillette.

Outside each hospital unit’s main doors is a phone, which visitors use to request entrance. Staff in the unit answer the phone and use a video camera to view the visitor pass before electronically unlocking the door, “buzzing” the visitors in.


Integrated Services

During a hospital stay, children and adults have access to the full offering of medical, surgical and rehabilitative experts at Gillette. We can meet your family’s needs, with extensive child and family support services, private patient rooms, overnight accommodations, a Ronald McDonald Family Room®, and on-site schoolteachers.

While receiving care at Gillette, your child will be working with some of the most highly trained physicians and nurses in the nation. Nurses have special expertise in a variety of areas, including wound care, pain management and rehabilitation.


Services vary by location. Learn more about Gillette hospital and clinic locations.