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What Is Prosthetics?

Prosthetics is the medical specialty dedicated to designing, building, and fitting prostheses (also known as artificial limbs or body parts).

Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare is a leading Minnesota provider of prosthetics for children and teens. At Gillette, your child works with certified prosthetists, who collaborate with orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation medicine physicians, therapists and other experts to provide comprehensive care.


Conditions Prosthetics Treats

Anyone who has a condition that causes the loss of a limb—or that affects the development of a limb—might benefit from a prosthesis.

At Gillette, we work with many different prostheses, including:

  • Myoelectric arms, and body-powered arms and hands.
  • Passive arms and hands (to help young children balance, push objects and get used to wearing a prosthesis, like an artificial arm).
  • Leg and foot prostheses, such as artificial legs.
  • Specialized sports equipment.

Integrated Care

If your child needs comprehensive prosthetics services due to a disability or complex injury, we provide access to the latest prosthetic technology and treatments, all in a family-centered environment. All Gillette prosthetists are certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics, Inc.

Your specialized team creates a custom treatment plan that involves both medical and rehabilitation components. As part of this plan, your child might receive care from specialists in areas including:

In addition to these specialty areas, your child might benefit from our assistive technology services  at clinics throughout the Twin Cities and in communities throughout greater Minnesota.

Through Gillette Lifetime Specialty Healthcare, we also offer ongoing care for kids whose needs continue into adulthood.