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What is Virtual Rehab Therapy? 

Once a treatment plan has been set, your child may need rehabilitation therapy. This may include physical therapyoccupational therapy and/or speech therapy. But traveling for therapy may not be ideal for every family. For these families, Gillette Children's provides virtual, or at-home therapy. Like in-person therapy, virtual rehab treats lifelong conditions and helps with recovery from injuries, illnesses and surgeries. Some families even feel they get a better experience with at-home therapy. Gillette Children’s virtual therapy is provided by the same trusted team of therapists who provide in-person therapy. 


Benefits of Virtual Rehab Therapy 

Why choose virtual rehab therapy over an entirely in-person experience? Here are some of the reasons we’ve heard from our families: 

  • It’s more convenient to stay home than travel with a child who has a disability or other therapy needs. 
  • Reduces the child’s stress levels by staying in the comfort of home. 
  • Saves time and gas spent on getting to one of our locations. 
  • Therapy techniques are tailored to your family’s needs, ensuring they work well in your home. 
  • Therapists are the same ones who offer in-person services.

Who Qualifies for Virtual Rehab Therapy? 

Gillette Children’s offers many of our rehabilitation services in a virtual care format. Appointments are available to new or existing patients. Patients are considered on a case-by-case basis, and families should contact us to verify eligibility. Learn if virtual care is a good fit for your rehab needs. Call us at 651-290-8707.