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What is Virtual Rehab Therapy? 

Once a treatment plan has been set, your child may need rehabilitation therapy. This may include physical therapyoccupational therapy and/or speech therapy. But traveling for therapy may not be ideal for every family. For these families, Gillette Children's provides virtual, or at-home therapy. Like in-person therapy, virtual rehab treats lifelong conditions and helps with recovery from injuries, illnesses and surgeries. Some families even feel they get a better experience with at-home therapy. Gillette Children’s virtual therapy is provided by the same trusted team of therapists who provide in-person therapy. 


Benefits of Virtual Rehab Therapy 

Why choose virtual rehab therapy over an entirely in-person experience? Here are some of the reasons we’ve heard from our families: 

  • It’s more convenient to stay home than travel with a child who has a disability or other therapy needs. 
  • Reduces the child’s stress levels by staying in the comfort of home. 
  • Saves time and gas spent on getting to one of our locations. 
  • Therapy techniques are tailored to your family’s needs, ensuring they work well in your home. 
  • Therapists are the same ones who offer in-person services.

Who Qualifies for Virtual Rehab Therapy? 

Gillette Children’s offers many of our rehabilitation services in a virtual care format. Appointments are available to new or existing patients. Patients are considered on a case-by-case basis, and families should contact us to verify eligibility. Learn if virtual care is a good fit for your rehab needs. Call us at 651-290-8707.


Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual care has been proven to be an effective and convenient clinical method for rehabilitative care.  Please consult with your provider if you want to discuss virtual care as an option. You can also call Gillette at 651-290-8707 if you have questions about virtual care.

Yes, we can convert an in-person appointment to a virtual care on the same day. Call Gillette at 651-290-8707 to make the change.

Yes, a patient can attend in-person appointments at their local rehabilitation clinic and utilize virtual care appointments through Gillette. 

Ask your insurance company about the details of your benefits and coverage. If you need help, ask a Gillette financial advocate for guidance. Call 651-325-2177.

Currently, Gillette offers virtual rehabilitative services in Minnesota. You must be physically in the state of Minnesota to participate in the virtual care appointment.

Yes, the cost for both services is identical.

For an estimate, contact a Gillette financial advocate. Call 651-325-2177.

For a virtual care session, you need a smartphone, tablet or laptop with video capabilities and an Internet connection. Ideally, the patient’s location will have good lighting, be relatively quiet, private and have limited distractions.

If other equipment is necessary to conduct the virtual care appointment, your therapist will advise you.

Yes, the patient always needs to be present for a virtual care appointment.

Yes, a parent or guardian is required to be present for a virtual care appointment.

Gillette uses Microsoft Teams for virtual care visits.  Microsoft Teams is a secure application. For technical support, please call 651-290-1715.

If you experience technical difficulties before or during your virtual care visit, please call 651-290-8707 for assistance.

Ask your insurance company about the details of your benefits and coverage.

Please visit Gillette Children’s website to understand Billing, Insurance Benefits and Coverage.

The same group of rehab therapy professionals that you see at an in-person visit provide care during virtual appointments.