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What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy helps kids who have complex conditions and injuries improve their gross motor skills, strength, and balance.

Physical therapists use various technologies, tests and techniques to help kids reach new levels of independence and mobility. A physical therapist might also recommend adaptive and mobility equipment, including walkers, standers and wheelchairs.


Conditions Physical Therapy Treats

Special needs physical therapy and rehabilitation therapies can help kids who experience complications from conditions including:

The goal of children’s physical therapy is to help kids function in their home and communities. That’s why some spaces at Gillette Children’s—such as our therapy kitchens and playgrounds—recreate the environments kids find in their everyday lives.


Physical Therapy Tests and Treatments

Supported by the latest equipment and techniques, your child has many options for outpatient therapy and inpatient care at Gillette. With physical therapy programs, your child can reach their highest levels of independence and function.

As part of their therapy, your child might experience a variety of treatments, including:

Your child might also receive a spasticity evaluation or seating and mobility equipment assessment from one of our specialists. We use the information from these tests to develop a custom treatment program that meets your child’s unique needs.


Integrated Care

Many children who have complex conditions and disabilities can improve their independence and motor skills with the help of pediatric physical therapy. As one of the nation’s top providers of pediatric inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation therapies, Gillette teaches kids to navigate their everyday world with confidence.

Your child will work with a team of nationally recognized specialists who understand the challenges of kids who have conditions and injuries such as cerebral palsy, birth brachial plexus injuries, and concussion. Gillette offers the Twin Cities’ only pediatric comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation program certified by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Gillette is one of eight U.S. pediatric inpatient rehabilitation facilities to have CARF accreditation for both its pediatric specialty and pediatric brain injury programs. 


Find out how physical therapy at Gillette can help your child to succeed.

As part of their treatment at Gillette, your child might receive care from providers across our many specialties and services, including:


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