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Gillette Children's has increased and improved access to our virtual rehab therapy program. The same trusted team of physical, occupational and speech/language therapists now see patients virtually via smart phone, tablet or computer.  

The virtual rehab therapy program was launched as COVID-19 started to help keep our patients on track with their goals while keeping them safer, at home.  

Leading doctors recognize benefits of virtual therapy. Virtual therapy can reduce a child’s stress level and can save time and money spent on transportation. Angela Sinner, DO, a pediatric rehabilitation specialist and co-director of Gillette’s inpatient rehabilitation program says, “When the pandemic began, the virtual world exploded for providers and therapists. We quickly realized our patients still needed therapy and doing it online proved to be successful. So much so that we’ve expanded even further. With this option, we meet children closer to home.” 

Tori Bahr, MD, associate medical director of pediatrics, hears from many families who are pleased with virtual rehab. “I’ve had families say they've really liked doing virtual therapy because they feel like it's easier to implement the therapy into their day-to-day life in a way that it wasn't before.” 

It can be challenging to transport a child who has a disability or other physical needs. Andrea Paulson, MD, a physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) specialist, is Gillette’s associate medical director for Greater Minnesota. She says patients in rural areas really appreciate the virtual rehab option. “It’s important to make sure that kids can get the services they need without having to travel far and without putting an extra burden on a family,” Paulson says.  

Why Gillette? The Gillette rehab therapy team includes more than 100 therapists across physical, occupational and speech services. They have specialized and advanced training focused on pediatrics and complex conditions. Our team tailors the therapy to a child’s needs and ensures the sessions work well for a family at home.  

Gillette Children’s is accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) to meet the needs of young children and adolescents seeking acute inpatient rehabilitation. Gillette is one of less than 10 U.S. pediatric inpatient rehabilitation facilities to have CARF accreditation for both pediatric specialty and pediatric brain injury programs.  

To refer a patient to the Gillette Children’s rehabilitation program, call 651-325-2200 or visit our website.

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