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Susan Novotny, PhD, Named to Mothers Leading Science Program

January 13, 2022

Susan Novotny, PhD, clinical scientist for orthopedics, who was recently selected to participate in the University of Minnesota’s Mothers Leading Science (MLS) Program.

This year-long career development program is targeted toward research-intensive, female-faculty members of the Medical School who are raising young children.

MLS is designed to address the lack of representation of women in senior leadership, and the challenges women in academic research face at the intersections of their career, gender, and motherhood.

About Gillette Children's Research: Gillette has been at the forefront of treating children who have conditions affecting the musculoskeletal and neurological systems since 1897. We consider it our responsibility to use our experience to conduct research that will improve treatment options for children who have disabilities—not only for kids treated at Gillette, but for children around the world.