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It’s Really the People: The Story Behind Gillette Children’s Collaboration with Cloud Cult

June 08, 2022

(St. Paul, MN.) – Gillette Children’s teamed up with a Minneapolis-based rock band to create a non-traditional recruitment video. Cloud Cult provided the song “Bigger Than Me” to help Gillette show prospective employees what sets the pediatric health system apart from other employers. 

Gillette Children’s is celebrating 125 years of serving patients and the community. In May 2022, Gillette unveiled a refreshed brand and logo, while positioning itself for a future allowing it to make more of a difference in the lives of children around the globe. Leaders at Gillette understand they can’t achieve that goal without continuing to attract world-class employees. 

“We didn’t want a typical employee video because Gillette Children’s and our team are not typical. They are extraordinary,” said Paula Montgomery, Executive Vice President, Administrative Affairs. “We did not know, at the time, that the project would turn into such a special collaboration with many partners, all of whom are on Team Gillette.” 

Craig Minowa, Cloud Cult’s lead singer, suggested the song “Bigger Than Me” for the project. “The song was interesting because it was written behind the idea of injustice and unfair struggles that are put onto the laps of innocent kids,” said Minowa. 

The song was rearranged to allow for the inclusion of elements from the orchestra, a children’s choir that included Gillette patients and space for the voices of employees who shared what it’s like to work at Gillette.  

“It was a really great experience,” according to Tiffany Cobb, a neuropsychologist with Gillette Children’s. “I got emotional at one point. It was beautiful to take a moment to reflect on what we do at Gillette, and how it impacts people.” 

Cloud Cult, the Boys and Girls Club of the Twin Cities children’s choir and the Minnesota Orchestra filmed portions of the video at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis. 

“The hope is that we’ve created a moment that makes people think about who they are and who they are trying to be,” said Eric Howell, who directed the video with the help of production company Don’t Blink. “We wanted people to think about what it means to feel so connected to a place you work at. So many people who work at Gillette have been there a long time, and there are many reasons they love what they do.”

About Gillette Children’s: Gillette Children’s is a global beacon of care for patients with brain, bone and movement conditions that start in childhood. Founded in 1897, Gillette collaborates with patients, families and medical partners to redefine what’s possible for children with complex medical challenges through clinical leadership, research and global advocacy.