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Under the direction of Mo Chen, PhD, Timothy Feyma, MD, and Peter Kim, MD,  the Neuroscience Research Program aimed at investigating potential novel or advancing existing interventions to improve the quality of life of the population with cerebral palsy and other conditions.  

Around and within the Neuroscience Research Program, Gillette clinicians, therapists, and research scientists collaborate closely to design novel research studies that address clinically relevant issues for children with Cerebral Palsy and other conditions. These studies are supported by two advanced facilities*, the Gillette Neuromodulation Laboratory, and the Gillette Innovation Center. These facilities are equipped with the most cutting-edge neuromodulation systems, including transcranial magnetic stimulation, transcranial electrical stimulation, neuronavigation, and robotic targeting system. The Gillette Neuromodulation Laboratory will be the center resource to investigate novel modality of the neuromodulation interventions to improve the motor functions and to treat spasticity. The Gillette Innovation Center will provide technical support to develop essential experimental devices and systems to realize the requirements generated by the Gillette Neuromodulation Laboratory. 


Our specific areas of current research include the following

  • Developing novel neuromodulation interventions to improve motor functions and spasticity in children with Cerebral Palsy.  
  • Identify the suitable interventions among existing treatments for Cerebral Palsy by using individualized evaluation measures.  
  • Expand the role of the intraoperative neuromonitoring techniques to better identify potential risks of spine correction/rhizotomy surgeries. 
  • Developing innovative devices/methods to improve the existing treatments 
  • Collaborating with other research programs/teams at Gillette or other institutes in the field of neuromodulation 
  • External sponsored clinical trial studies 

Neuroscience Research Team

  • Lisa Lykken, CCRC, Clinical Research Coordinator 
  • Heather Wendorf, MPH, CCRC,  Clinical Research Coordinator Regulatory Specialist 
  • Katherine Harrison, Clinical Research Coordinator II 
  • Laura Feldman, Clinical Research Coordinator II 
  • Emily Hince, Clinical Research Coordinator II 
  • Salma Noor, Clinical Research Coordinator I