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Gillette Welcomes Urology Provider Jessica Vang, NP


Jessica Vang, NP, is a urology provider at Gillette Children's. Jessica specializes in urology care for children with neurogenic bowel or bladder as well as complex conditions such as cerebral palsy or spina bifida. Learn more about Jessica.

Jessica Vang, NP is a new provider at Gillette Children’s, but she has been in its orbit since early in her nursing career. Discussing her work prior to joining the urology team, Jessica says, “I’ve had patients say really good things about Gillette, and I’ve had good experiences even when I wasn’t yet a part of the team here. That’s what really drew me to [apply at] Gillette.”

An early interest in urology—and Gillette

Having completed clinical rotations in Neurology and Orthopedics at Gillette during her nurse practitioner training, Jessica knew early on that the care provided here is something special. Her interest in providing urology care was piqued when she was still working as an inpatient nurse.. “[Urology] is an area of interest that intrigues me,” she shares. “And what I think is special and kind of fun about urology is that there is that medical management aspect, and that’s our part of it, but it’s also about improving a child’s quality of life—how can we help walk alongside you in that?”

Striving for mutual understanding with patients and their families

When it comes to meeting new patients and their families, Jessica strives to ensure that urology as a specialty is well understood. “I’ve learned to view urology as the plumbing of urine, after the kidneys make it.” She listens to the worries shared by patients and their families related to their urinary system and offers insight into questions or concerns they present. Because of the ages and medical complexities of patients seen at Gillette, “[I’m interested in] walking this journey of health with them, because I know for a lot of our patients, it’s never just an annual check-in—it's a part of their life that they’re being seen for regularly. I find it rewarding to be a part of that journey with them.” 

Mother, foodie, traveler

Outside of her work at Gillette, “I’m a busy mother,” Jessica says. “I have two little kids, a baby and a toddler, and they keep me very busy, but it’s very fun too. I feel like we’re always trying to find something fun to explore, and we do a lot of walking when the weather is nice.” A self-described foodie, Jessica likes to sample new baked goods and visit new restaurants when the opportunity arises. “I also like to travel, but traveling looks very different when you have young children as compared to traveling solo.” 

A referring provider turned resource

Previously employed at a practice that regularly referred patients to Gillette, Jessica looks forward to serving as a resource for referring providers as she hits her stride from the other side of the referral process. “A lot of the patients we serve have more complex medical conditions, and that ties into the services we offer at Gillette. I’m glad to be able to be a part of the urological care for those patients,” she says.