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You can help us change children’s lives and fund long-term mobility studies across the lifespan of Gillette patients.

"Our son’s transformation has been nothing short of miraculous."
–Karen and Roger Stebelton, Germantown, Ohio

At Gillette, we change children’s lives through our specialized care. And for 25 years, the James R. Gage Center for Gait and Motion Analysis has played a big part in the care we provide. The detailed data that comes from gait analyses help our care teams determine the best way to maintain or even improve children’s mobility through childhood.

Our physicians and care teams use gait and motion analysis to plan treatment for patients who have walking and movement disorders due to cerebral palsy, spina bifida or other complex conditions.

Gillette is in a unique position to add to the research about the effective use of gait analysis. But we need your help.

There’s no long-term follow-up information from any institution anywhere as to how patients do as adults. This study will help us understand if the children we’re treating are successful as adults because of their care here. The results will be at the cornerstone of our future work.

Tom Novacheck, M.D., medical director of Gillette’s Center for Gait and Motion Analysis

Now, after analyzing thousands of children over the past quarter century, Gillette is in a unique position to conduct a study on the long-term outcomes for the children we’ve analyzed. Because these studies are for research purposes they won’t be paid for by insurance or reimbursed by Medicare. Parents of children from coast-to-coast and South America have joined together to support this study.

Gait and Motion Outcomes Fund Steering Committee:

  • Bill Watson, Chair; Boston, MA
  • Caroline and Peter Coggan; Boulder, CO
  • Lily and Denis Collison; County Limerick, Ireland
  • Dan and Alline Beutler; Traverse City, MI
  • Olayinka and Afolake Oladitan; Lagos, Nigeria
  • Dr. Linda Hallman and Mike Freeman; Chevy Chase, MD
  • Sandra and Perry MacDonald; Seattle, WA
  • Laura and Theodore Avery; Austin, TX
  • Liz Boyer
  • Tom Novacheck, M.D.; Director, James R. Gage Center for Gait and Motion Analysis
  • Mike Schwartz, Ph.D.; Director of Research, James R. Gage Center for Gait and Motion Analysis

Please contribute generously to the Gait and Motions Outcomes Fund. With your help, we’ll be able to ensure the best possible short- and long-term outcomes for our patients now and in the future.




Gillette is also proud to have the support of Land O’Lakes in funding this study.


If you would like to make a multi-year pledge to this fund, please email or call 651-229-1726.

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