Child and Family Services

We offer a full range of services to support children, teens, adults and their families. Our team includes social workers, child life specialists, therapeutic recreation specialists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, chaplains, interpreters and on-site school teachers.

If you’d like help planning your upcoming visit, easing your child’s anxiety, finding resources in your community, we’re here to help you. For more information or support, call us at 651-229-3855.

Social Work

Social workers can provide emotional support and assist with practical concerns, such as ordering medical equipment and finding lodging, transportation and financial resources. Social workers also can help families plan for receiving adult-focused medical care.

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Child Life Services

Child life specialists help children and families prepare for and cope with hospital stays and medical procedures. For example, we give tours and teach patients and families what to expect during their upcoming visits. We also arrange therapeutic play sessions to help patients relax and become more comfortable with being in the hospital.

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Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic recreation specialists assess patients’ abilities and recommend programs to help them develop healthy leisure lifestyles. We help patients apply the skills they learn during rehabilitation to sports and recreational activities that they can do at home or in their community.

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Music Therapy

Music therapists use music to help patients who are staying in the hospital improve their abilities, behavior and quality of life. Music therapy can help distract and support patients during procedures. It also can help them relax and have fun.

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Psychologists evaluate patients’ cognitive abilities, social development and emotional well-being. We counsel patients who have emotional difficulties such as depression, anxiety, behavioral problems and adjustment issues.

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Neuropsychologists specialize in the evaluation of emotional, cognitive (e.g., attention, planning, organizing, memory and learning) and behavioral effects of conditions that affect the brain and nervous system. Our neuropsychologists collaborate with other Gillette specialists to provide comprehensive care for referred pediatric patients.

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Chaplains can provide comfort, reassurance and spiritual care during times of crisis, transition and loss. Our chaplains are available to meet with patients and families – regardless of religious affiliation – from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. They are also on-call overnight and on weekends. A Roman Catholic priest is available upon request.

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School Services

Gillette offers on-site schooling through the St. Paul Public School system for patients who are staying at the hospital following surgery or for inpatient rehabilitation. Our school teachers work with community teachers to ensure a smooth transition from hospital to school.

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Why Gillette?

Because all children deserve a lifetime of amazing health care.

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