Our Specialty Services

We now have two clinics at 435 Phalen Blvd. in St. Paul:

  • Gillette Lifetime Specialty Healthcare: First floor for adult patients’ appointments
  • Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare Phalen Clinic: Second floor for children’s appointments

Assistive Technology

Our Gillette Lifetime Clinic offers a full range of assistive technology services. In addition to orthoses, prostheses and  splints, we offer collaborative evaluations for augmentative and alternative communication devices, mobility and seating equipment, and other types of assistive technology.

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Gillette Liftime offers cardiology care for patients who have cardiomyopathy associated with cerebral palsy and neuromuscular conditions, such as myotonic dystrophy and spinal muscular atrophy.

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General Medicine

Gillette Lifetime offers visits with internal and general medicine physicians who specialize in care for adults who have disabilities.

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Our neurologists at the Gillette Lifetime Clinic manage medical treatment for disorders of the nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves), including epilepsy and seizures.

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Neuropalliative Care

Our Gillette Lifetime Clinic offers neuropalliative care for patients who need support for complex, chronic or life-limiting conditions.

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Gillette Lifetime offers visits with neuropsychologists, who assess how disorders of the nervous system affect learning and behavior. We conduct evaluations, recommend interventions and track changes.

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Gillette Lifetime provides outpatient (clinic) visits with neurosurgeons and nurse practitioners for patients who have conditions that affect the nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves). When indicated, surgical procedures take place at our St. Paul Campus.

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Nutrition and Feeding

Gillette Lifetime offers evaluations and therapy for patients who experience challenges with nutrition (maintaining adequate nourishment) and feeding (the act of eating and swallowing). We also provide education regarding specialized diets and weight management.

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Orthopedists at Gillette Lifetime specialize in bone and muscle problems that result from cerebral palsy and other complex conditions. We are experts at preventing and managing the age-related effects associated with lifelong disabilities. When indicated, surgical procedures take place at our St. Paul Campus.

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Plastic Surgery

Gillette Lifetime offers appointments with plastic surgeons, who provide services related to surgical management of wounds and to conditions of the face and hands, such as facial asymmetry.

Craniofacial and Plastic Surgery at Gillette »


The Gillette Lifetime team includes psychiatrists who manage the mental health needs of patients who receive other services at Gillette. Treatment options might include psychiatric counseling, medication and medication management.

Psychiatry at Gillette »


Our Gillette Lifetime Clinic offers psychological evaluations and counseling for patients—with or without their families—who are affected by problems related to life changes, learning disorders, mood concerns, and other psychological issues.

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Pulmonology and Respiratory Care

Our Gillette Lifetime Clinic provides general pulmonology and respiratory care. We focus on managing needs for patients who have muscular dystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy and other neuromuscular conditions.

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Radiology and Imaging

Gillette Lifetime offers X-rays to help diagnose and plan treatments for a variety of conditions. Results become part of an electronic record that’s accessible at any Gillette location. When indicated, advanced imaging tests are available at our St. Paul Campus.

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Rehabilitation Medicine

Our Gillette Lifetime Clinic offers appointments with physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, who manage care for patients who have cerebral palsy and a wide variety of complex conditions that began in childhood. We are experts at maximizing function while preventing and managing the age-related effects associated with lifelong disabilities.

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Rehabilitation Therapies

Gillette Lifetime features a therapy gym, a kitchen and a treatment bathroom for practicing everyday skills. We offer appointments with physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech and language pathologists in an environment designed to meet the needs of adults who have disabilities.

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Sleep Medicine

Gillette Lifetime offers outpatient (clinic) visits with sleep medicine specialists who understand the unique needs of people who have disabilities and complex conditions. When needed, overnight sleep studies take place at our St. Paul Campus.

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Social Work

Our Gillette Lifetime team includes social workers who provide assessments, offer support and make referrals to community resources. We also help patients and families plan for the transition to adulthood and adult-focused medical care.

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Therapeutic Recreation

Our Gillette Lifetime team includes therapeutic recreation specialists who help patients maintain active lifestyles and become involved in recreational activities.

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Transition Services for Teens and Young Adults

Our Gillette Lifetime offers support, counseling and resources to help patients make the transition to adulthood and adult-focused health care. Providers, therapists and social workers collaborate with families to assess needs and navigate adult services.


Our Gillette Lifetime Clinic offers urology care for patients who have conditions that affect the kidneys and bladder. We also provide care related to neurogenic bowel and bladder management and to sexual function.

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