We CAN because you CARE.

Inspired by the amazing courage and determination of the children we serve, Gillette Children’s Foundation has launched a campaign to help propel Gillette to new levels of excellence to serve kids who have disabilities and those whose conditions are complex, rare and traumatic.

Advanced Surgery at Gillette

Advanced Surgical

Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare is preparing for the future and ensuring our kids continue to receive the best care possible. We’re focused on obtaining new equipment, new software, surgical tools, remodeling our spaces and providing new training for our physicians and staff. Your gifts help Gillette achieve breakthroughs so kids can live better lives.
Neuroscience at Gillette


Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare has one of the premier pediatric neuromuscular disease programs in the nation and one of the largest teams of pediatric neurologists and neurosurgeons in the Midwest. We’re playing a key role in the clinical trials and research into Spinraza ™, also called nusinersen, a drug to treat spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). Medical experts and parents call the development the first real hope for people who have SMA. With your support, we can continue to provide comprehensive care and pursue research into neurosurgery, neurology and physical medicine and rehabilitation.
EOS X-ray Imaging System at Gillette


Gillette is always looking for safer and better treatment options for our patients. With the EOS X-ray Imaging System we believe we found one. EOS replaces traditional X-rays with high quality, 3-D-images of the spine and limbs using low-dose radiation. EOS images decrease radiation exposure for patients who receive large numbers of X-rays. Your help and financial contributions make it possible for Gillette to use the latest technology to keep our patients safe and help our doctors craft successful treatment plans.
Telemedicine at Gillette


Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare is expanding its telemedicine services to save time, money and stress for families living in Greater Minnesota, around the United States and in other countries. With your help, we can expand our telemedicine services to better serve our patients—no matter where they live—and connect with providers around the globe.
Inpatient Hospital Room


The spaces at Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare are designed to be accessible and facilitate independence. Our inpatient rehabilitation rooms are newly remodeled to provide privacy and convenience for our patients. For example, all rooms on the unit are single occupancy, have a mini-refrigerator, large screen television and access to various electronic equipment. Your gifts help Gillette provide spaces to promote healing and relaxation.