When a child’s life hangs in the balance, every moment is crucial. The right medical equipment can make all the difference.
So can you.

Ashlyn sustained life-threatening injuries when a truck hit her family’s car. Doctors at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare discovered severe swelling, bruising and bleeding in her brain, along with skull fractures and broken bones. Her parents feared for the worst, but prayed for the best, during her 12-day coma. When she awoke, they worried she would be different. They worried that her brain had sustained permanent damage.

Ashlyn’s computed tomography (CT) scan was critical to diagnosing and treating her brain injury. Today we have a unique opportunity to deliver even faster imaging results by purchasing a mobile CT scanner. This cutting-edge piece of technology would directly benefit children recovering from a traumatic injury or major surgery by providing important diagnostic technology at the bedside or the operating table.

Why a Mobile CT Scanner?

A child who has just sustained a traumatic injury, or who is undergoing a complicated surgery, needs a CT scan right away. Instead of taking that child through long hallways and down an elevator to our imaging center, thus delaying their care, a mobile CT scanner could be transported to the operating room or the child’s bedside. When children are at their most vulnerable, time is of the essence.
A mobile CT scanner means care delivered more quickly.

What Does a Mobile CT Scanner Do?

In the operating room, a mobile CT scanner gives physicians immediate access to information that guides surgical decision-making. It provides 3D, diagnostic-quality images in real time, helping surgeons make well-informed decisions during complex procedures.

In a trauma setting, a mobile CT scanner can be transported right to a patient’s bedside. This is ideal for patients too medically fragile to transport elsewhere. A CT scan provides rapid and detailed information on organ and tissue injury so a well-founded care plan can be developed.

We Need Your Help

Gillette has been selected by the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation to receive an extraordinary challenge grant. If we can raise $600,000 by August 1, 2018, the foundation will match it with another $600,000. This would allow us to purchase a much-needed mobile CT scanner to enhance the capacity for critical care at Gillette. We must raise 100 percent of these funds by August 1, 2018, in order to receive the challenge grant, making your support crucial.

You can help us make a profound difference for medically fragile children and their families.
Please give generously to Gillette’s Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation challenge grant by August 1, 2018.



Janet Hallaway, Major Gifts Officer

Rachel Wobschall, Sr. Major Gifts Officer