Occupational Therapy

Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare is a regional leader in providing rehabilitation therapies for children, teens and adults who have disabilities, complex conditions and common injuries, such as a broken arm or concussion.

At our main campus in St. Paul, and at clinics in Burnsville, Maple Grove and Minnetonka, we offer occupational therapy services in an environment designed for your needs. We also offer occupational therapy for adults at Gillette Lifetime Specialty Healthcare. Occupational therapists help patients build skills to perform daily activities, such as playing, dressing or participating in school activities. We help patients become more independent by focusing on strengthening their muscles and integrating their senses in a way that maximizes their abilities.

Why Choose Gillette?

  • Gillette is one of the nation’s top providers of pediatric inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation therapies.
  • Our specialists see more children who have complex conditions than any other facility in the region does.
  • We offer the Twin Cities’ only pediatric comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation program certified by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).
  • Our facilities and leading edge technology are designed specifically for your needs.
  • We believe that people who have disabilities deserve a lifetime of excellent health care—from birth through adulthood.
  • Our staff follows the most current research and is dedicated to advancing the practice of pediatric rehabilitation.

Conditions We Treat

Our occupational therapists care for children, teens and adults who have a wide variety of disabilities, complex conditions and injuries. In fact, many of the conditions we treat at Gillette can benefit from occupational therapy.

Whether a patient has a lifelong condition, such as cerebral palsy, or experiences a sports-related injury, Gillette has the team and the technology necessary to provide superior care.

For more information about the complex conditions we treat at Gillette, search Conditions and Care.

Care and Treatments We Provide

Our occupational therapists are committed to using the latest technology, tests and techniques to support patients who have disabilities, complex conditions or common injuries. We provide outpatient therapy sessions and support comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation for patients with a wide variety of conditions. Our goal is to help patients achieve the highest levels of independence and function possible.

During therapy sessions, we might show children how to do activities in new ways or use adaptive equipment. We help patients work on:

  • Daily living skills (dressing, feeding, grooming and bathing)
  • Small motor skills (writing, using scissors and drawing)
  • Visual motor and visual perceptual skills (using eye movement to explore and interact with the environment)
  • Cognitive skills (keeping to a schedule, learning to play a new game, following two-step directions)

In addition to offering expert therapy sessions, we also collaborate with other Gillette staff to provide:

Patients also come to us for consultations and recommendations regarding equipment, custom splinting, nutrition, feeding and other areas. Some travel a long distance to receive care at Gillette.

Through coordinated visits with providers in a number of specialties, our patients can receive both a comprehensive overview of their needs and a plan for care available from providers near their homes.

For more information about the tests and treatments we offer at Gillette, search Conditions and Care.

Our Facilities and Technology

Gillette offers rehabilitation therapy services in St. Paul, Burnsville, Maple Grove and Minnetonka. Our therapy spaces are designed for the needs of children, teens and adults who have disabilities, complex conditions and serious injuries.

Because the goal of therapy is to help patients function in their home and communities, some of our spaces—such as our therapy kitchens and playgrounds—mimic the environments patients will encounter in their everyday lives.

Collaborative Services

Our occupational therapists collaborate with providers across Gillette’s many specialties and services. Working in teams, we plan and deliver comprehensive medical and rehabilitation care for every patient.

Some of the areas with which we collaborate most frequently include:

For more information about the care we offer at Gillette, search Conditions and Care.

Locations of Service

Burnsville Clinic
Burnsville Clinic

952-223-3400 or 866-881-7386 (toll free)

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Maple Grove Clinic
Maple Grove Clinic

763-496-6000 or 888-218-0642 (toll free)

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Minnetonka Therapies
Minnetonka Therapies

952-908-1500 or 855-908-1500 (toll free)

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St. Paul Campus (Hospital and Clinic)
St. Paul Campus (Hospital and Clinic)

651-291-2848 or 800-719-4040 (toll-free)

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Gillette Lifetime Specialty Healthcare Clinic (for Older Teens and Adults)
Gillette Lifetime Specialty Healthcare Clinic (for Older Teens and Adults)


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Services vary by location. For all of our locations, visit Directions and Locations.

Why Gillette?

Because all children deserve a lifetime of amazing health care.

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