What Is Assistive Technology?

Many children and teens who have disabilities require assistive technology services to help manage their conditions. At Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, kids can work with experts who provide special technology for disabilities, including customized equipment designed just for your child.

To meet your child’s needs, our internationally recognized providers work in teams to develop custom treatment plans that might include assistive devices, such as.

Conditions Assistive Technology Treats

Whether your child experiences a traumatic injury or has a lifelong condition such as cerebral palsy, knowledgeable Gillette specialists provide the high-quality care and equipment they need to function and feel their best.

Integrated Care

Through collaborations with therapists and other specialists, our certified orthotists, prosthetists and seating practitioners support full patient care.

When your family comes to Gillette for assistive technology services, you likely will have contact with caring experts in a variety of disciplines, including: