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My Child Needs a Complex Care Appointment. What’s Next?

Gillette Children's main lobby.

Hearing the term “complex care” can be intimidating at first.  

At Gillette Children’s, we focus on coordinating care for children and young adults who have chronic and complicated medical conditions. We work with your family, your primary care provider and all other specialty providers to create a comprehensive care plan. Our main goal is to support your child and your family.

At Gillette, our complex care clinic is specifically designed for children and young adults up to the age of 26 years old. We care for those who are dealing with multiple chronic health conditions. We also help those who have complex medical needs. Most importantly, we have healthcare professionals from all different fields who will assess your child’s needs, hear their goals and help them reach them. 

You can talk to a neurologist, a member of our child life staff and an orthopedic surgeon all on the same day. Working as a team is what helps us find answers. 

We also have a quick care clinic. Our quick care clinic focuses on patients who are experiencing minor illnesses that require non-urgent care. Here, our providers have experience in acute complex pediatric conditions.  

For those who have an upcoming, high-risk surgical procedure, we offer a Presurgical Patient Assessment and Risk Evaluation (PrePARE). PrePARE is a comprehensive, specialty-focused risk assessment that aims to provide guidance. This is just another thing that sets Gillette apart. 

What Happens At A Complex Care Appointment 

So, what can you expect from a complex care appointment? First, your child’s Gillette provider will do an extensive review of all available medical records. This can take up to two hours. From life at home, activities at school and being involved in the community, we want to have an overall understanding of all of your family’s concerns.  

After a full physical exam, we will create a care plan. This is where we discuss potential lab work, MRI’s, x-rays and treatment options. Follow-up appointments typically last one hour. During this appointment, we review the existing treatment plan and discuss what is working and what is not. Then, we make changes as necessary. We also can help you acquire and complete the necessary documents to utilize community services. 

Personalized Care At Every Turn 

When you come to Gillette, you can expect a hands-on, team approach. Here, it’s about partnership. Staying with your family through every stage of life is something we take great pride in. And it doesn’t stop when your child turns 18. As time goes on, we help with the transition from child to adult care services. 

From dentistry and orthodontics to neurology, orthopedics and nutrition, our team of medical professionals is here to help. Put your trust in the experts at Gillette Children’s. We offer high-quality, integrated care on our main campus as well as all of our clinics.