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What Are Rehab Therapies?

Children who experience serious injuries or have complex medical conditions often need help to develop or regain their strength, mobility and independence over time—this is called rehabilitation. Rehab therapies safely address these important needs, helping kids return to their typical environments.


Is Virtual Therapy Right for Your Family? 

Attending in-person therapy appointments can be hard for some families. Whether it’s due to distance, transportation issues or something else, we want to ease any obstacles to care. That’s why Gillette Children’s offers many of our rehabilitation services in a virtual (online) format. Appointments are available to new or existing patients. Learn if virtual care is a good fit for your rehab needs. Call us at 651-290-8707


Conditions Rehabilitation Therapies Treat

Rehabilitation therapies can help kids:

  • Manage lifelong conditions such as cerebral palsy.
  • Heal from sports-related injuries.
  • Recover from extensive surgery.
  • Recover from trauma or illness.

Regardless of the condition or reason for therapy, our goal at Gillette Children’s is the same: We make sure kids learn how to navigate their world with confidence. For that reason, some of our spaces—such as our rehabilitation therapy kitchens and playgrounds—recreate environments your child encounters in everyday life.


Rehabilitation Therapy Tests and Treatments

Supported by the latest equipment and techniques, your child has many options for outpatient therapy and inpatient care at a Gillette.

In addition to our expert rehabilitation sessions, we collaborate with other Gillette providers to provide:


Integrated Care

Many kids who have complex conditions and disabilities can improve their function and independence with the help of children’s rehab services. Our specialists see more children who have complex conditions than any other facility in the region.


Find out how rehabilitation therapies at Gillette can help your child to succeed.

Your child will work with our team of specialists who understand the challenges of kids recovering from surgery, or who have conditions such as cerebral palsy. Gillette offers the Twin Cities’ only pediatric comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation program certified by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Gillette is one of eight U.S. pediatric inpatient rehabilitation facilities to have CARF accreditation for both its pediatric specialty and pediatric brain injury programs. 

As part of a comprehensive treatment plan, your family might work with providers across our many specialties, including: